Cool Pro


Manufacturer 20,000 Sq ft daily by using the latest technology to create air duct and dampers which guarantee the high quality of our products and reliability of our services. Wide range of fabrication and engineering services designed to meet your needs.

Wide range of fabrication materials:

Galvanized Steel- Black Steel- Stainless Steel - Aluminum
Wide selection of band, thickness and sizes as per specification.
Quality solutions and durability at a highly competitive price suitable for any installation.
Highly skilled workforce ensure strength and reliability.
Fast and efficient on time delivery where required.
COOL PRO offers the combined benefits of excellent easy fabrication, low leakage.

Cool Pro Capacities:

Press Breaking- 1/4" x 10' plate steel
Shearing- 3/8" x 12' plate steel
Plasma Cutting- 6' x 20', up to 1 1/2" thick stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and alloy
6 Station Cut-to-Length Coil Line- up to 14 gauge x 5' wide
Slip Rolls- 1/2" x 8' plate steel
Duct Machine- variable sizes x 5' lengths, insulated or plain

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